Baby Bumpee


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Slip your arm into the Baby Bumpee to make you and your baby more comfortable during feeding, traveling, or for the perfect cuddle session. The Baby Bumpee was designed to take the stress off your arm while supporting your baby. Choose from a variety of patterns.

  • Outer shell made of 100% organic cotton
  • Luxuriously soft fabric lining
  • Premium polyester fiberfill
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine Washable
  • Made in the US by moms for moms

When it comes to traveling with your little one, feeding is a hurdle that many parents with infants have to overcome. Baby Bumpee is a comfortable, multi-use baby nursing pillow solution that has been designed with you and your little one’s needs in mind.

What Makes Baby Bumpee the Best Nursing Pillow on the Market?

Made with organic and hypoallergenic materials, our Baby Bumpee nursing pillow is comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use. Simply slip your arm into the Baby Bumpee for instant comfort for both you and your little one during feeding, traveling, or just cuddling. The Baby Bumpee baby nursing pillow has been designed to take the stress off your arm while comfortably supporting your baby.

Outer shell made of 100% organic cotton

Our unique and playful patterns are not only original designs, but they’re also made of 100% organic cotton to ensure your baby’s sensitive skin won’t get irritated by traces of pesticides or fertilizers.

Luxuriously soft fabric lining

Unlike many baby nursing pillows out there, Baby Bumpee was designed with mom’s comfort in mind, too. That’s why we line our pillows with a soft and luxurious fabric.

Premium polyester fiberfill

We have two kinds of premium fiberfill pads lining the inside our Baby Bumpee nursing pillow to ensure comfort and support for you and your little one, no matter where you are.

Hypoallergenic and machine washable

As a product made for moms, by moms, it’s incredibly important that our nursing pillow is as safe and easy to use as possible.

Made in the US by moms for moms

Baby Bumpee started with a conversation between moms just like you. Although we’ve come a long way from the prototypes we started with just four years ago, we’ve stayed true to our roots. Today, Baby Bumpees are handmade to order for moms, by moms.

Make Feeding Time Bonding Time with Baby Bumpee

For any parent, feeding and cuddling are some of the most important bonding experiences you can share with your little one. Make sure that you’re both comfortable with the best nursing pillow solution out there. Try Baby Bumpee today!